Vistas and atmospheres that locate emotions and personal experience within the confines of the city.


   Santa Maria della Salute cloaked in Mist

  Ecclesiastical Blockade


   Ecclesiastical Corner


  Optimism  .  Geraniums in Winter

   Virtual Tree  .  Arsenale Venice



   Winter Shadows  .  Housing Development  .  Mazzorbo


    Reflecting on St Mark's



  Reflecting Architecture

  Reflecting on History


   Taxi Rank  .  San Marco  .  1.1.09



    Human Bridge . Carnival 2007


   All Alone


   Cathedral of Light


   Water World


   Super Strada


   Down Town Venice


  Late Afternoon  .  Lost Again!


   Quiet By-water



    Fondamenta with Hotel Metropole .  San Marco District 


  Piazza San Marco  .  View  of the Gondolere



  Waterfront  .  San Marco District



   Floating Palace 



   That's the Life


   Front Garden  .  Burano


   Window Garden  .  Burano