Elegant Decay: the process by which things that were once new, gain character through a relentless battle with the elements.



    Clock Face   .   Rialto Market



   Detail   .   To the side of the Rialto Bridge



  Detail  .  Shrine



   Weathered Stone   .   Dorsoduro   .   Along the Giudecca Canal


   Drop Box  .  Giudecca



  Taxi !  .  Burano



   Faded Glory



   Gothic in Steel


  Stairway to  .....  ?


   Magazzino   Uno   .   San Polo



   Magazzino   Due   .   Burano



  Magazzino Tre  .  Burano



   Round Window   .   La Giudecca


   Orange Shutter   .   San Polo



   Peeling Paint   .   Burano


   'Message Board'  .  Venetian Style


  Life in the Shadows



   Tasty Texture



   Window Box



   The Makeover



   City Guardian   .   Arsenale



   Madonna and Child   .   Dorsoduro



Saint George . Saviour of the City


 Seen Better Days  .  Cannaregio



Venetian Security