Photographic Stitches

One of the artistic sons of Venice is an artist called Roberto Ferruzzi, who depicted his home city in a very colourful and individualistic manner. 

          R. Ferruzzi . Chiesa del Redentore

Inspired by his work I have created 2 prints of waterfronts from multiple photographic images, reworked to appear as prints of watercolour paintings.   They are unlike any other prints on the site in terms of style and proportion and though inspired by Ferruzzi, quite unlike his work too except for the format and subject matter. 

Prints are available in sizes 32cm x 11cm (limited edition of 100),  45cm x 15.5cm(Limited Edition of 75) and 70cm x 24.5cm (Limitied Edition of 50).Priced at £30.00 GBP, £70.00 GBP and £135.00 GBP repectively (unframed).




Fondamenta Zattere and il Ponte Longo




Fondamenta Zattere ai Spirito Santo